Phnom Penh, June 3, 2019


We, the undersigned Non-Governmental Organizations, Associations, Trade Unions, Members of the Cambodian Civil Society and citizens are deeply concerned about the current political and economic situation in Cambodia after respect for human rights and democratic principles has declined following the 2018 general elections in which a group of politicians that has the support of almost half of population of Cambodia in the 2013 general election and the 2017 commune election] was dissolved and banned from engaging in political activities and participating in the 2018 general election, as well as the closure of independent media outlets and the baseless accusation of the civil society of having a colour revolution inclination. If this situation continues, Cambodia could well face economic sanctions, insecurity and instability as in the past.

According to the Paris Peace Accords of October 23, 1991 and Cambodia’s 1993 Constitution, the Kingdom of Cambodia must adhere to the principles of liberal democracy, pluralism, and respect for human rights. The decline of the human rights situation, the recent intimidation of human rights and political activists have shown that the situation is getting worse as testified by repeated and insistent calls by the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights, the European Union and several signatories to the Paris Peace Accords on the Government of Cambodia to restore the human rights situation and democracy so as to avoid the loss of the current preferential tariff preferential treatment.

We recall and wholly support the spirit of the Paris Peace Accords which stipulate that the country’s development must be linked to respect for human rights and democracy in order to prevent the repeat of the country’s bitter history. Implementing democratic principles should ensure equal participation of all citizens and political parties without discrimination in the process of free and fair elections. Free and fair elections are the only mechanism to ensure that only the sovereign Cambodian people will decide on the future destiny of the nation, and to avoid the use of violence in any competition for power.

Cambodia’s history has shown that the lack of mechanisms of free and fair elections brought harrowing suffering, family separations and deaths to the Cambodian people during the Cold War. It is this bitter experience that actually gave birth to these Paris Peace Accords. The governance and development of the country without regard to human rights and genuine democracy can lead Cambodia to descend into the same tragedy as in the past.

Therefore, we call upon all leaders, civil servants, stakeholders, and Cambodian citizens of all political tendencies, who are masters of the nation’s destiny, to join forces to protect and uplift the spirit of the Paris Peace Accords and the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Furthermore, the Cambodian government should negotiate with the European Union and the international community to address the political and democratic issues in Cambodia so as, for the benefit of all Cambodians, to avoid losing the EBA and GSP preferential tariff treatment.

Endorsed by:

  1. Dr. Meas Nee, Independent Commentator
  2. Dr. Loa Monghay, Independent Commentator
  3. Mr. Sok Sam Oeun, Acting President of Executive Committee Members of (COMFREL)
  4. The Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC)
  5. Centre of Alliance for Labor and Human Rights (CENTRAL)
  6. Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (COMFREL)
  7. The People Center for Development and Peace (PDP-CENTER)
  8. Youth Resource Development Program Cambodia (YRDP)
  9. Coalition of Cambodian Farmers Community Association (CCFC)
  10. The Cambodian Human Rights Action Coalition (CHRAC)
  11. Cambodia Alliance of Trade Union (CATU)
  12. Independent Democratic of Informal Economy Association (IDEA)
  13. Cambodia Domestic Workers Network (CDWN)
  14. The Cambodian Food and Service Workers Federation (CFSWF)
  15. Cambodia’s Independent Civil Servant Association (CICA)
  16. Ponlok Khmer (PKH)
  17. Minority Rights Organization (MIRO)
  18. Cambodian Youth Network (CYN)
  19. Youth Coalition for Unity and Development (YCUD)
  20. Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA)
  21. Community Development for Peace and Sustainability (CDPS)
  22. Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (NICFEC)
  23. Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia (BWTUC)
  24. Cambodia Tourism Workers Union Federation (CTWUF)
  25. Union Alliance of Labor (UCL)
  26. Cambodian Grassroots Cross-sector Network (CGCN)
  27. Kemley Foundation (KLF)
  28. Labor Rights Supported Union of Khmer Employee of Nagaworld (L.R.S.U)
  29. Dei Tali Chek Meas Community of Svaychrum District Svay Rieng Province
  30. Samaki C.E.5 Community of Sihanouk Province
  31. Prek Tabek, Tamor Thom, Andoung Tek Community of Preynob District Sihanouk Province
  32. Dei Tali O Damrei Community of Steunghav District Sihanouk Province
  33. Samaki Romeas Hek Community of Svay Rieng Province
  34. Kasikor Tomloung Srok Memot Community of Tboung Khmom Province
  35. O’da Kampuchea Srok Prey noup Community of Sihanouk Province
  36. Community-Based Human Rights and Land Development in Kandal Steung District, Kandal Province
  37. Kasikor Samroung Meanchey Community in Svay Chroum District of Svay Rieng Province
  38. Kasikor Sré Brang Community in Dambé District of Tboung Khmom Province
  39. Dei Tali Kbalhong Tik Community in Pry Noup district of Sihanouk Province
  40. Dei Tali O-Kasach Community in Steung Hav District of Sihanouk Province
  41. Prek Treng in Strung Hav Community district of Sihanouk Province.
  42. O’ Trachak Chet Community in Prey Noup district of Sihanouk Province
  43. Dei Tali Bat Ka Tas Community in Prey Noup district of Sihanouk Province
  44. Andoung Tamor Community in Prey Noup district of Sihanouk Province
  45. Dei Tali Spean Ches Community in Sihanouk district of Sihanouk Province
  46. Dei Tali Omlang Community in Tapong district of Kampong Speu Province
  47. Dei Tali Traping Chour Community in Oral district of Kampong Speu Province
  48. Dei Tali Rasmey Samaki Community in Oral District of Kampong Speu Province
  49. Kror Vean Land Community, Memot Dostrict, Tboung Kkmum Province
  50. Chong Khum 1 Commune, Memot District, Tboungkhum Province
  51. Samaky Andong Trabek Land Cummunity, Remeasheak, Svay Reing Province
  52. Meanchey Community, Romdoul Commune, Svay Reing Province
  53. Kampong Umpel Land and Forest Conservation Community, Romdoul Commune, Svay Reing Province
  54. Thamor Thom Community, Andoung Tek Prek Trabek, Preynop, Sihanouckville
  55. Kampong Umpel, Kaychreach Communue, Prey Veng Province
  56. Sang Kveng farmer Community, Kamchaymea, Prey Veng Province
  57. Prosre Community, Bhaphnom, Prey Veng
  58. Ang Svay Farmer Cummunity, Chouk Commune, Kampot Province
  59. Kok Tharea Community, Samrong Commune, Takeo Province
  60. Veay Chhanas Community, Sarong Commune, Takeo Province
  61. Cambodia Human Rights Task Forces (CHRTF)
  62. Cambodian Migrant Alliance (CMA)
  63. Farmers Association for Livelihood of Development (FALD)
  64. Trapeng Threa Farmer Community, Samrong Commune, Takeo Province
  65. Kandal Farmer Community, Samrong Commune, Takeo Province
  66. Kanleng Kla Farmer Community, Bati Commune, Takeo Province
  67. Doug Por Farmer Community, Samrong Commune, Takeo
  68. Trapeng Krosang Farmer Community, Bati Commune, Takeo Province
  69. 69. Action Networks for Community, Preah Vihear Province
  70. 70. Prey Preach Roka Community Networks, Preah Vihear Province
  71. 71. Forest Community Networks, Preah Vihear Province
  72. 72. Ingenious Community Networks, Preah Vihear Province
  73. 73. Malour Prey Network
  74. 74. Civil Society Networks, Preah Vihear Province
  75. Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL)
  76. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, Sri Lanka. National Convener
  77. Struggle to Economize Future Environment (SEFE), Cameroon
  78. The People Coalition Food for Sovereignty
  79. Asia Peasant Coalition (Philippine)
  80. Youth for Food Sovereignty
  81. Peasant Coalition Mekong River (Thailand)
  82. All Nepal Youth Peasants’ Federation
  83. National Alliance of People’s Movements (India)
  84. 84. Farm Workers Federation of Labor Rights Sector of the People of India
  85. 85. People Solidarity for Equitab of Pakistan


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